SUSE Product brand

An open source design system made for SUSE enterprise products and powered by EOS UI/UX solutions.

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We’ve introduced new changes.See the changelog for more information.
Design new featuresDesign consistent UIs for your products using our all-in-one design kit.Download design kit
MVPs or proprietary codeUse the NPM package to quickly theme-up your Bootstrap 4 based product.Install using NPM
Ideal for downstream OSSImplement SUSE's UI with your own code using design specs.Implement manually

Atomic design classification

All elements, components, guides, and more are delivered following the atomic design methodology. We have grouped them inside the next 4 cards for you to get a better overview of how we are building EOS.

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The smallest building blocks of your project. Text styles, buttons, icons, input fields, checkboxes, etc.

Atoms: Buttons, Colors, Icons, Patterns, Typography, Writing guides, Badges, Checkbox, Radio buttons, Text area, Input fields, Select, Toggle, Links, Tooltips

Icon depicting molecules


More complex entities consisting of several atoms. Things like notification toasts, data values (label: value), input fields with buttons, etc.

Molecules: Alerts, Dropdown, Address, Pagination, Tables, Cards

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Truly functional parts of a page, made from groups of atoms and molecules.

Organisms: Main menu, Submenu

Icon depicting templates


Essentially, those are pages without real content. Text styles, buttons, icons, input fields, checkboxes, etc.

Templates: Main layout, Sign in, Error page