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EOS Design System

A design system made for SUSE products and the Open Source community.

We’ve introduced new changes.

See the changelog for more information.

Getting started

If your product’s UI was built using Bootstrap 4, we recommend you installing the EOS npm package which includes everything you need to start using the components, layout, and elements delivered in EOS.

Installing and using EOS npm
Boostrap - decorative

Are you not using Bootstrap? We didn’t forget about you. All of the components and elements in EOS include a Design Spec, as well as the original file in Adobe XD or SVG.

Manual implementation with specs
Adobexd and Inkscape logos - decorative

News and tutorials

Atomic design classification

All elements, components, guides, and more are delivered following the atomic design methodology. We have grouped them inside the next 4 cards for you to get a better overview of how we are building EOS.