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Logo icon set

Our set of third-party logos follows the EOS design guidelines and integrates coherently in SUSE applications.


get_appDownload icon

Please follow our guidelines when implementing this icon.


Logo icon wrapper

A wrapper can make some logos more noticeable when the original logo is hardly visible in small size since logos are not created to work well as icons in 18px, for example.


When a wrapper is present, its size should be the icon size and the logo inside should be one scale less. For example, a 36px logo icon with a wrapper is composed of a 36px wrapper and a 24px icon inside.


For some situations (such as social network links) we can use a square wrapper as well. Square with 0px or 2px rounded borders only.

Implementation of logo icon dark wrapper
<img src='gitlab-white.svg' class='md-36 md-dark-wrapper logo logo-square'/>
<img src='gitlab-white.svg' class='md-36 md-dark-wrapper logo logo-round'/>
Implementation of logo icon light wrapper
<img src='gitlab-dark.svg' class='md-36 md-light-wrapper logo logo-square'/>
<img src='gitlab-dark.svg' class='md-36 md-light-wrapper logo logo-round'/>