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Main menu

The manu provides list of choices for a user. The main menu is used for quick access to a consistent list of items.


  • The main menu is always positioned on the left side of the screen.
  • In big screens main menu starts off as uncollapsed, while in medium screens it starts off as collapsed.
  • It contains a list of items which are always available.
  • It may contain dropdown groups which allows the user to choose one value from the list. When the dropdown is inactive, it displays a single value.
  • The menu has 3 responsive breakpoints: bigger than 1336px, 770px - 1336px and 360px - 769px.
  • The background color is $eos-bc-blue-500.
  • It contains a menu icon on the top-right corner to allow users collapse the menu in order to increase the space in the content area.