Link text should be meaningful and help users to know about the destination of the link if they click on it.


  • Users should be able to navigate between links using the tab key and the Enter key to trigger a link.
  • The link text alone should convey appropriate contextual information and the purpose of the link.
  • In case of link text such as 'Click Here', 'More', and 'Read More', which fails to convey appropriate contextual information, use aria-label attributes to provide descriptive link text.
  • Use some visual state change other than color when hovering or focusing on links.
  • Always open external links in a new tab or window. It should have an 'open_in_new' icon before the link text. In this situation, the icon before the link's text is not 'decorative' but 'meaningful'. To learn more about Meaningful Icons, follow the icon accessibility rule.

EOS Accessibility checklist

We have developed an extensive checklist based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Please have a look at the EOS Accessibility checklist.