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Smart tooltip

Display a truncated version of the text and show the full version inside of a tooltip.

linkTruncate text

Sometimes we need to show a long text (for example a long email address) but there isn't enough space in the element. The smart tooltip truncates the original text and adds a tooltip where the full content is displayed.

For it, we created and implemented a truncation functionality

linkExample 1: truncate at characters count

In some specific cases we want to truncate at characters length. Adding the `js-tooltip` class and data-truncate-characters=“count” data attribute will truncate it and add a tooltip to display the full text.

linkExample 2: truncate at a given length

To truncate at a given length (in pixels) you just need to set the `js-tooltip` class and data-truncate-px=“{count}” data attribute to our element.

linkImplementation examples

Mouse hover the text inside the gray area to trigger the tooltip.